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Macon Wrongful Death Attorneys

Macon Wrongful Death Attorneys


Wrongful Death - Rumph Childers, LLC

Wrongful Death refers to the specialized subset of a personal injury/civil tort action resulting in the death

of the victim due to the negligence or malpractice of another. At Rumph Childers, P.A. we are keenly aware not only of the legal issues presented in this tragic situation, but also of the difficult circumstances facing the family in the wake of this catastrophe.

Families unsure of whether a loved-one has been victimized by another's negligence should discuss this with one of our lawyers to determine if critical evidence needs to be preserved immediately following the death in anticipation of possible litigation later on and to explore possibilities of protecting the decedent's assets in order provide a source of much needed income to the family members and loved ones left behind.

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