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Car Accidents

Car Accidents

While there are many different types of car accidents, they can all result in a serious injury or psychological trauma. If you or your family were involved in a car accident, it's important to contact a qualified attorney.

Representing car accident victims in middle Georgia and across the state including Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Eastman, Dublin, Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Albany, and Valdosta. Car wrecks are a fact of life.  Over the last ten years, the United States has averaged over 10 million car wrecks each year and many cause serious injuries.  In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported over 32,000 fatalities and 2.24 million people with injuries.  


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 2.3 million adult drivers and passengers sought at least emergency room treatment in 2009; all of this the CDC states results in lifetime medical care costs of over $70 billion.

With more automobiles on our roadways, you are at a greater risk.  “An average of 93 people diedeach day in motor vehicle crashes in 2009 — an average of one every 16 minutes” according to NHTSA.  With such a large number of accidents, insurance companies seek every opportunity to engage in tactics that thwart or prevent an injured person from recovering their expenses from the at-fault insurance company.  This keeps you from paying your medical bills, recouping lost wages, and obtaining other compensation that you are entitled to get back. Unfortunately, injuries from automobile accidents can be severe and life-altering.

The types of injuries and the severity vary, but frequently they include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and even death.  

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Also, some injuries are not readily apparent after an accident.  Many injuries can take weeks or even months to become noticeable or begin restricting a person's activities.  Even minor injuries, like whiplash, can disrupt work or daily activities and if left untreated, may develop into a far more severe spinal injury or other debilitating condition. Your goal after an accident should be getting your life back together.  We can help you achieve this goal by helping to get your medical expenses paid for and recovering your lost wages by forcing insurance companies to pay for treatments that you may need.

At Rumph Childers, we are a complex litigation boutique.  We have extensive experience with car wrecks. A skilled attorney will control and develop your case rather than relying solely on paralegals and secretaries.  We also have a nurse on staff to understand your medical needs and ensure your medical condition is properly explained to insurance companies.  From the moment we are hired, we begin gathering critical evidence from the scene, the insurance company(ies), and from eye witnesses. All of this is to ensure you receive maximum compensation.


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