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Types of Macon Workers’ Compensation Clients

Types of Macon Workers' Compensation Clients

  • Medical Field. Injuries in hospitals, doctor's offices, and nursing homes can include slip and fall, repetitive motion, back, wrist, hand, and neck injuries. The most common construction injuries include repetitive motion injuries, slip and fall injuries, crush injuries, back injuries and leg injuries.
  • Truck and Bus Drivers. These injuries can include anything involving auto accidents such as crush injuries, head, neck, back and leg injuries. Common injuries in this field can include crush injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, loss of hearing or vision, burns and repetitive motion injuries
  • Countless Other Work Settings. Anyone can be injured on the job. If you've experienced a workplace injury at your middle Georgia job, contact the lawyers at Rumph Childers, P.A.. Our team represents injured workers filing for the first time and individuals previously denied workers' compensation benefits.

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Representing employees and work accident victims in middle Georgia and across the state including Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Eastman, Dublin, Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Albany, and Valdosta.

Almost 11,000 people are hurt on the job every day across the United States, and 13 people go to work and never come home according to the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  This translates into almost 4 million employees suffering from sort of work place injury every year.  For the injured worker, this means a loss of income and medical expenses that need to get paid. Workers' compensation is accident insurance paid for the employer.  The Georgia Workers' Compensation Act is what governs who has to have this insurance, when it pays, what it pays, and how long it pays.  It is required insurance for any employer with three or more employees (full or even part-time).  You are covered from day one on the job. This insurance provides you with medical care, rehabilitation and income benefits.  These benefits are provided and designed to help you return to work as quickly as possible.  Even if you are fired or terminated, it does not prevent your right to recover.  You should report any accident occurring on the job to your employer (boss, foreman, or supervisor) immediately.  If you wait longer than 30 days, you may lose your right to obtain benefits.

State Board of Workers' Compensation Employee Handbook

Most employees are aware that workers compensation covers a sudden traumatic event such as when they pick up something too heavy, get hit by something on the job or where they experience a fall.  But most employees are unaware of what is known as a “repetitive motion injury” (also known as a “cumulative trauma injury,” “repetitive action injury,” or “repetitive stress injury”).  This occurs when the employee performs some type of repetitive motion that is unique to their job.  We have represented successfully repetitive motion injuries for things like:  1) where a job required the employee to walk a 1300 step spiral stairway 3 times a day.  His knees became worn out prematurely and needed surgery; 2) where a water meter man had to bend over 300 times a day to read meters causing significant and premature lower back problems; and 3) a worker who perform the same repetitive motion with her hands and arms that develop severe injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome.  In none of these cases was there ever a single traumatic event that started their pain.  Rather, their problems took months if not years to develop into a debilitating and disabling condition.  Typically, in situations like these the employees are told they didn't get hurt at work and are advised to file under their group health insurance which allows employers to avoid workers' compensation claims.  However, in these cases if the employee is ever terminated, he or she will likely lose their health care coverage and regardless is never compensated for their loss of income.

However, even after you report an accident obtaining these benefits is often times not easy.  Since your employer is paying for medical treatment, the employer has some control over where you can go to get medical treatment.  Georgia law allows them to control this by making available a list (panel) of doctors, or by using a workers' compensation managed care organization (WC/MCO) which includes a 24 hour hotline for you to call for assistance.  In either case, once you select one of the doctors you can only change one time and still receive covered medical treatment, without help from an attorney.  You should know also that just going to your own doctor will almost always result in a denial of covered medical care.  Then, in order to get income benefits (a percentage of your lost wages), one of these approved doctors must take you out of work or so limit your physical activities that it results in some sort of documented loss of income for at least seven days.

In any case, even if the WC insurer pays for either medical treatment or income benefits initially, maintaining eligibility is problematic.  The insurer is always looking for reasons to shorten or reduce your recovery.  Many times disputes arise between one of the doctors provided by the employer and you regarding what work restrictions you have regarding your ability to work.  Also, many times the insurer will deny or delay medical treatment recommended by the doctor.  Getting proper documentation to preserve these benefits can be difficult.

Your goal should be getting your life back together.  We can help by overseeing the entitlement to these benefits and forcing the insurance company to adhere to the requirements of the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act based on your injuries and medically documented delays in your full recovery.

At Rumph Childers, we have extensive experience in workers' compensation.  A skilled attorney will control and develop your case rather than relying solely on paralegals and secretaries.  We also have a nurse on staff to understand your medical needs and ensure your medical condition is properly explained to the WC insurer.

If you have been involved in a work related accident, why trust your health and income to anyone other than an experienced team of lawyers with decades of experience in this area?

 Macon, Georgia Workers Comp Injuries

  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Back Injuries and Lower Back Injuries
  • Knee Injuries and Shoulder Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Wrist Injuries
  • Loss of Hearing or Vision
  • Burns
  • Lumbar, Thoracic, or Cervical Herniation

Workplace accidents can leave you with a serious injury and a mountain of medical bills. Many times a workplace injury can prevent you also from working and cause you and your family to suffer a significant loss of income. You may even lose your job.

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